I’m an old hand at the Old City and it’s been a long long time since I fell for the “beautiful girl I have a present for you” line.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about sales and what makes for a great sales person and there are few salespeople…

Why the leadership crisis could prove worse than the health one

My frustration at Australia’s covid response is growing.

Author’s photo

I’m an Australian citizen. My entire family is Down Under and like others in my position I have been watching the Morrison Government’s reaction to Covid from afar — in my case from my home in London.

The comfort I drew from…

The exploitative tech normal needs a rethink

The antidote to the menace economy is education.

Let’s back up.

The Menace Economy is loosely defined as comprising organisations that pursue wealth by causing harm — especially to the mental and/or financial wellbeing of users and consumers. …

The truth behind growing inequality and what it means for financial wellbeing

The idea of a “K-shaped recovery” became a buzzword at the end of last year. Right next to “unprecedented” and “self-isolating”, it was a turn of phrase that infiltrated our everyday language. Just like “Zoom” became a verb.

Anyone on Instagram will have found it hard to miss the wildfire fall-out of Sarah Akwisombe’s recent £1m money manifestation implosion.

An Instagram influencer, and owner of the No Bull Business School, Sarah Akwisombe brought her 45k followers along for her journey to making — then losing- £1m, via her…

Vivi Friedgut

Founder/CEO @blackbullion | helping the world get #moneysmarter | author | speaker | flat whites | Reflecting on #financialeducation #womenintech #edtech

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